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The Open Instant Messaging System's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Open Instant Messaging System

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LJ Talk [07 Aug 2006|10:59pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Am I the last person to notice that LiveJournal is beta'ing a Jabber server? They're calling it LJ Talk, and it sounds like they've got great plans for it. They're writing their own server -- which may seem silly at first, but given that LJ brought us the wonderful magic that is memcached, their djabberd server will probably have a similarly strong impact on big businesses and in places that have server clusters.

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Hello [12 Jul 2006|06:44am]

Am I right with the suggestion under the picture?

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Google Talk's S2S is now open [17 Jan 2006|09:05pm]

Earlier this morning Google Talk's servers quietly began passing server-to-server traffic with the rest of the Jabber/XMPP community. This means that Google Talk users can now communicate with other Jabber-using people on the tens of thousands of Jabber/XMPP servers out on the net.

It's a huge win for open instant messaging.
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Another one bites the dust [13 Jan 2006|09:01pm]

I have eliminated MSN Messenger from the protocols I use. This leaves just AIM and Jabber. Out of 64 people on my contact list, 45 use Jabber, 19 use AIM.

Previously, these contacts were spread across the Obsolete Four, now there's just a handful of AIM holdouts. What kind of progress is everybody else making towards moving entirely to XMPP?
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The rise of Jabber (x-post) [14 Oct 2005|11:52pm]

Oh, raynenamibia (at) gmail (dot) com, since Google Talk is Jabber/XMPP-based.
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Google IM uses Jabber [24 Aug 2005|02:16am]

[ mood | happy ]

Man, this has just made me extremly happy.

Inquisitive Neowin member Tom Servo, taking a hint from member CarlNewton tried to connect to talk.google.com using his Trillian client. What he received was a secure XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, alternatively known as Jabber) server waiting for connections.

Update: Users are reporting that they can login to the jabber server using their Google Account username and password. Details soon...

Update 2: Several un-named Google Executives have confirmed that Google will be announcing "Google Talk" tomorrow.

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um, hi. [04 Aug 2005|07:50am]

I've been trying to use Jabber for a while now with NO luck.
When I download it, I get some sort of error when I try to create an account.

So, a few questions:

Which version is the newest version?
Is Jabber paid account only now?

So confused. Please help & thanks in advance.
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[16 Apr 2005|08:04pm]

Jabber, Inc. and America Online, Inc. Team to Provide Server-to-Server Instant Messaging -- IM -- Federation
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What's the buzz? [13 Mar 2005|11:12am]

[ mood | confused ]

Does anyone know what's up with Jabber Central lately? I checked it out a month ago or so, and they were saying their servers had been compromised, and warning everyone that had a project hosted there inspect their code for malware. (This includes jabberd and jabberd2, by the way, the software that most likely powers your current server of choice.) And now when I try to visit it, I get a "this domain has expired" message.

What happened? Is there another Jabber site that's acting as the community centre now, or have we been orphaned?

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From the food-for-thought dept. [23 Aug 2004|07:15pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

As mentioned on Slashdot, there's an interesting and thought-provoking article on Apple-X.net about how Google could de-throne AIM, and the other popular instant-messaging networks, using Jabber. Not a lot of the article is Jabber-specific; it only mentions the use of Jabber as a protocol briefly, and many of the ideas for Google's expected success in such an endeavour could be implemented in any IM protocol, open or otherwise. But it does provide a convincing case for how Google (in particular, or any company in general) could use Jabber, as an existing protocol, and be able to focus on the more important issues that will entice users and make them happy.

If there's any company out there who can break into the huge-and-established yet profitless IM market and turn it on its ear, it's Google. They did with webmail, as the article points out. How cool would it be if they used Jabber to that end?

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[26 May 2004|11:54am]

How do I sign up for a Jabber account? I had a look on Jabber site, but I can't find it. As a side note - I am on a Mac so I can't just download their Jabber.exe as I wouldn't do anything with it. I'd jsut like to sign up for a Jabber account so that I could try it with Proteus or Fire.
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js.org [20 May 2004|04:00pm]

Could someone with a paid account syndicate the following url:


Please? :)
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Jabber in the marketplace [02 Apr 2004|11:44am]

Full disclosure and disclaimer: I work for Axentra™, though I was using Jabber before I ever started working there. I am speaking on my own behalf, not on behalf of Axentra. I'm posting this here because it's been pretty quiet lately -- kind of like the Jabber community in general, actually; it's pretty rare to hear someone proclaim that they use Jabber... but I digress. The following post is not intended to sell our products, but to describe a real-world example of Jabber usage. Let me repeat that: I'm speaking on my own behalf, not on behalf of Axentra. I'm not doing this to sell servers. If you don't believe me, stop reading now. I won't be offended.

And now, the post:

Now that the web site is updated, I can talk about what I think is one of the better features of the server product we make at work. All the new Axentra servers, as well as the latest software update for the first generation of servers, have a built in Jabber server.

Sadly, the managers and visionaries either don't believe that's a big deal, or just don't know all of what it entails, because that particular feature isn't listed among the servers' selling points, but is only buried deeply in the online help files. The original reason for including the Jabber server was so they could tout instant notification of new email as a feature. They supply a client program, which they call Axentra Messenger and is based on GAIM, and the user is notified right away when they receive an email.

I think the reason Jabber was chosen for this purpose is the same as one of Jabber's general "selling points": Jabber clients exist for pretty much everything, so users can be told they have email even if they aren't running one of the platforms for which Axentra Messenger exists.

I'm a (casual) advocate of open software, standards and protocols, so I'm glad they went with Jabber, and I'm glad that servers featuring Jabber are entering the marketplace. Hopefully the omission of that as a selling feature won't hurt the general growth of Jabber in the instant messaging world.

The reason I like Jabber so much is that instant messaging has become an integral part of the Internet, like email. And like email, I don't think something so widespread should be controlled by one or two servers and a handful of Officially Sanctified Clients.
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Jabber for Dummies [13 Mar 2004|09:59am]

[ mood | geeky ]

Pretty quiet community... I have a question to liven it up. I'm trying to get family and friends into Jabber, but it's difficult if I can't recommend a good client program for them. Does anyone know of a good client that:

  • is stable as a table
  • is about as easy to use as ICQ98 was
  • lets you enter any server you want
  • runs on Windows 95 and up
Those are the priorities, roughly in order. If my family and friends were all Linux geeks like me, it'd be an easy call; I'd just point them at GAIM and be done with it. But I found out the hard way -- after already installing it on my Mom's Pentium-75 and telling her how great it was -- that the Windows version crashes more often than a test dummy with a lead foot. I've tried them on MyJabber some time ago, but the interface was too difficult for them. They did great with the jabber.com client for a while, but it stopped working for them for some reason, and new versions only let you use accounts on the jabber.com server.

That last requirement may be the hardest one, I'll admit, but it's not as strict as the others. My folks were planning on buying new computers, and the specs they listed make me jealous... *cough* The point is that they're entering this century in terms of hardware and software, so they may already be running WinXP by the time you read this.

Since I'm soliciting good Jabber clients anyway, can anyone recommend one for the Mac that meets the other requirements above? Either Classic or OS X?
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[23 Sep 2003|10:51am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

"Jabber Instant Messaging User Base Surpasses ICQ

Fast-Growing Open Network Overtakes IM Originator

Denver, CO - September 22, 2003 - According to ComScore Media Metrix, ICQ -- the original instant messaging (IM) service to gain mass popularity -- claimed a declining user base of 6 million in June of 2003. In this same time period, the Jabber Software Foundation (JSF) estimated that there were nearly 10 million end users of software based on the open Jabber/XMPP protocol. While it is difficult to count distinct Jabber users because the network is growing so fast and includes many servers on large corporate intranets, the JSF's estimate includes more than 4 million paying customers of Jabber, Inc.'s commercial software as well as an estimated 6 million users of open source and other commercial implementations of the Jabber/XMPP protocol."

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[21 Jan 2003|10:36pm]

two things to mention; jabber users - take the jabber user survey! whee! submitting details will help the jsa form a better picture of jabber usage. also, the jabber.com has estimatd that there are circa 3 million jabber users, mostly because jabber is used it so many corperations because it is the best im system available
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[15 Jan 2003|03:56pm]

a few small new items; the latest jabber journal is out, new client version releases include exodous (win), jajc (win), nitro (mac), and lluna2 (win), which includes the ability to speak to users who are on the same web pages as you
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[24 Dec 2002|01:31pm]

jajc is out, available here (changes)
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[22 Dec 2002|01:43pm]

pesky aol has patented the concept of instant messaging! for how this relates to jabber, check this.

also, if your jabber server recently borked up with its msn transport, its probably because microsoft changed the ip address for the messenger server. all good admins should have updated by now (unless none of them use msnm or actively check the jabber development chatroom, and don't actually notice the fault until you have to mention it to them, like i had to).
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[22 Dec 2002|01:33pm]

there wasn't a (good) livejournal community for one of the greatest pieces of software out there, so i decided to create one :)

so if you want to post any news or information relating to jabber client/server use or development, then please, feel free to do so. i cant be arsed posting everything =p
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